Two webinars, virtual office hours, and a new special needs teacher network!

November 12, 2013

Webinars: I’m happy to announce that I will be offering two special topics webinars this semester. A webinar is a live online presentation conducted over the Internet. All you need to attend is a computer or tablet. The webinars are offered free of charge but FGA teachers have priority as limited spacing are available for each session. You may request to enroll in either one or both webinars:

Flipping the Classroom webinar: What if a learner could rewind a teacher’s explanation as often as needed for a concept or notion to sink in? What if teaching-time was used to interact more with learners? I plan to provide an overview of the Flipped Classroom and offer sustainable suggestions for implementing the model in an adult education classroom. Please consult the Flipped Classroom enrollment form if you are interested in attending this webinar. The webinar will be offered on Tuesday, December 3rd from 12PM to 1PM (60 minutes)

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) webinar: Many of our students have access to mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops. How can we use student owned devices to enrich learning? What about network limitations and classroom management? The aim of this session is to cover the benefits and limitations of BYOD and provide you with some concrete suggestions to get you started. If you are interested in attending, please consult the BYOD enrollment form. The webinar will be offered on Wednesday, December 4th from 12PM to 1PM. (60 minutes)

Office Hours: I’d like to start offering virtual office hours during the school year. Want to discuss a project? Need some pedagogical support in regards to technology integration? Let me know! My next office hours day will Thursday, November 28th. Please fill out this office hours enrollment form if you’d like to book an appointment. For FGA teachers only.

Are you an SFIS/SIS teacher? Do you work with adults with intellectual disabilities, mental health challenges, or have other pervasive special needs? Since we’re all pretty spread out, I’m looking to network teachers together with an Edmodo SFIS/SIS group. If you have any successes, challenges, apps, or anything else you’d like to share – please join us! If you’re already signed up on Edmodo, enter the group code “shhzzf” once you’re logged in. If you receive a message that the group is locked, please click this link or give me a shout for more help. Hope to see you there!

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