Mobile Monday: Two apps that can help students in an individualized math classroom

March 18, 2013

This ICT tip could be best applied to the following subjects:

App info: Khan Academy for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad / Cost: Free (No official Android version, but many 3rd party equivalents exist)

App info: Wolfram Alpha for the iPhone, iPod and iPad / Cost: 4.99$ (Android version available too)

Kkhanhan Academy: If you haven’t heard about Khan Academy, please read my earlier blog post. Khan Academy now has an iPad app that students can use to view hundreds of math related videos recorded by Salman Khan. The benefit of the iPad app (compared to simply watching his videos on YouTube) is that the majority of the videos are broken down into small “one sentence chapters” which allows students to skip back and forth to any part in the explanations. This app could work well in an individualized classroom when you may not have enough time to re-explain a concept to one particular student, he may benefit from another explanation, and/or learns better at his own pace. While they are lots of sites that have math tutorial videos, these videos are all recorded by the same person (i.e. – consistent) and Salman Khan’s explanations are considered by many teachers and students to be top notch. Definitely worth checking out.. Free!

wolfWolfram Alpha: While I covered Wolfram Alpha in an earlier blog post, this amazing iPad app can bring a whole new dimension to problem solving in a math classroom. In a nutshell, Wolfram Alpha is a very advanced calculator, which you can see in these examples. Not only does the app allow you play with a plethora of real world statistics but it also allows you to solve algebraic math problems too. If you notice that a student made a mistake on a traditional paper worksheet, you can ask him to plug the math problem into the app and then use the “step-by-step” problem solver. With the assistance of the tool, the student may be able to figure out on his own (or with your help) at what step he made the mistake on paper. You can then sit down and work on the problem area together. (Thanks to Cathy Hortop for exploring these two apps with me at New Horizons, ETSB)


ICT Tip: A website with over 1,100 video tutorials covering basic arithmetic, algebra, physics, chemistry, biology and finance!

March 16, 2010

This ICT tip could be applied to the following subjects:

Quick overview: Hundreds of videos covering topics from basic arithmetic, algebra, differential equations, physics, chemistry, biology and finance.

What is this resource? These videos are provided free of charge by the non-profit educational organization, Khan Academy. The goal of the Khan Academy ( is to use technology to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Each video on the site is individually recorded by Salman Khan. The site has been positively reviewed by CNN and USA Today and receives over 35,000 hits a day! Salman Khan aims to bring his videos to people who can’t afford private tutoring or in poorer countries where traditional classrooms may not be available. If you’d like to know more about Salman Khan and the Khan Academy, please click on this link.

How can this be used in the classroom: Videos should be screened in advance (by you) to determine which would be most useful for your students. These videos can then be provided to students in an individualized classroom or provided as supplementary study material.  The only caveat is that a connection to YouTube in your centre is required.  If YouTube is blocked in your centre, I have created a Blog posting which offers you a possible solution to download specific videos in your own home and then bring them into your classroom as “off-line” video files, therefore bypassing YouTube in your centre. (Source: Guillermo Bautista, Math4allages blog)

Note: Sections of the “Quick overview” and “What is this resource?” have been paraphrased from the Khan Academy website.

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