Mobile Monday: Chirp allows you to quickly share text, links, and photos between mobile devices

November 4, 2013

Quick overivew: Chirp is a free app that allows you to quickly to share text, links, and photos between Apple iOS and Android devices.

How does it work? This simple little app emits a short little song (called a chirp) to send data to other mobile devices. Any other mobile device that is “listening” with the Chirp app installed will immediately get a note, link, or photo. You can even “chirp” things to multiple devices at the same time. This 30 second video sums up the app perfectly:chirpHow it can be used in the classroom? Chirp is useful in a BYOD classroom where students are allowed to use their own mobile devices. Do you want to quickly send a link to all the students at the same time? Use Chirp. Want students to send notes or pictures to another device or without exposing their personal e-mail addresses? Here’s your solution!

Benefits and limitations: One limitation is that you cannot send files or videos over Chirp. You are only allowed to send text, links, and photos. Photos are shared in a “square” format, which means they might show up slightly cropped. In regards to classroom management, I would suggest that only the teacher is allowed to “chirp”, unless permission is given otherwise. If all the students “chirp” at the same time, not only will you have a very noisy classroom, no one will know who is sending what! Last but not least, you need to have an Internet/wifi connection for Chirp to function.

On a closing note: “Chirping” and “Tweeting” are two completely different things. Tweeting is for sending messages on Twitter and Chirping is for sending data with the Chirp app. The two are not at all related. Got it?

iTunes for Apple iOS: Link (free)
Google Play for Android: Link (free)


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