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In the space provided below, please enter your name, your e-mail, and your ICT suggestion. Please don’t forget include a web link for your ICT suggestion (if applicable) and the centre you teach at.  Without tips and suggestions from actual teachers, this Blog wouldn’t exist.. Thanks for participating!

10 Responses to Submit an ICT suggestion

  1. Nancy Sher says:

    Hi Avi,

    As well as the other microsoft sites I sent you today, I’m going to add this one. I think it offers a lot of possibilities for classroom use…..definitely in an art class, but I think the application goes beyond that.

    The Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC) showcases a rich collection of Canadian heritage online. The VMC celebrates stories and treasures entrusted to Canadian museums and shares them in innovative and dynamic ways.

    Launched in March 2001, the VMC has gained much national and international attention. Visitors from home and abroad have made more than 34 million visits to the VMC’s virtual exhibits, images, interactive resources and other attractions.

    Have fun with it!


  2. Paul Laplante says:

    Hi Avi,

    I stumbled across this e-book of webtools in teaching. Many of the teaching suggestions put forward have an application in the largely ESL context of the MTL boards. Many are very clever.
    The pdf is downloadable:

  3. Hi Avi and Alain,

    I receive the newsletter from Educaloi every month or so. I find really good materials here for students who are interested in their rights, and how the Law works in Quebec. The language is surprisingly clear coming from lawyers. There are many opportunities to use refined searches on this site to find the answers to specific questions about the Law.

  4. Hey guys! Just a nice site a student of mine found that offers a more interesting (and ez) way to embed video into a lesson, a blog, a site etc. I could see this being especially useful in a math class where youtube (or other) video could be placed in embedr by topic, creating a playlist and making video tutorial accessible to students.

  5. A nice photo sharing site similar to flickr with a more sublte learning curve. Easy to register, and even easier to use, this site allows you to embed a gallery in your website, blog, document etc. that is actually the imgur gallery, but adaptable to your site design.

  6. Hey guys! We’re created FSL software for use in the classroom, especially with the new touch screen whiteboards. You can see it here: (there’s a video). It isn’t free, but we are hoping to add a demo version later on this year. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

  7. Barbara says:

    Hello guys!

    I watched the video on links and really learned a lot. Here is my questions: How can I hide a teacher notes page? I linked to a teachers page and then linked back to the first page, thinking my teacher page would be hidden. Can I include it in the notebook for teachers but hide it from the actually notebook?

    #2 How can I get my pages to swivel they way they did in the video I watched?

    I love your website. Thank you for making the information simple enough to follow for those of us who are not “techie.”

    • avispector says:

      Hi Barbara, thanks for the positive feedback! Really makes our day when we get feedback like this.

      #1 – I don’t think you can have hidden pages in the SMART Notebook software like you would in a PowerPoint. Could you be more specific of what you’d like to do?

      #2 – The pages swivel in the video because I used a program named Camtasia Studio ( to record the videos. It’s called the “flip” transition. If you want to start recording videos for your students, it’s an amazing piece of software. If you do it, the PC version is substantially better than the Mac version. There’s also some free alternatives like Jing. (

  8. Jeremy says:

    Hi Avis, love the youtube videos. there’s a new collaborative brainstorming tool which also aggregates information which may have some good implications for collective learning and building consensus. Feel free to check it out at

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