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  1. This is fantastic Avi! The way you’ve organized the suggestions to apply to different subject areas is fantastic! Awesome to have everything all in one place! There are even some in there that I had forgotten about. Your blog can help visitors to either discover new technology ideas or as a “refresher course” for one and all. Bravo!

  2. Mario Drouin says:

    Salut Avi,

    J’ai consulté ton blog pour la première fois et je profite de l’occasion pour te féliciter. Tes articles sont intéressants, et ton site est facile à consulter.

    Continu ton beau travail.

    Je résume en 3 mots: Greeting, beautiful site, easy to use.

    Mario Drouin
    Conseiller régional du RECIT FGA – Lanaudière
    (450) 492-9400 poste 4583

  3. Hey Avi! Thanks for the GREAT websites and ICT suggestions….I’ve added this on Learning Links…with the name of your site…hope that’s okay..


  4. Great resources Avi. I was wondering if there is a way to keep a sound (music file) going from page to to page throughout a Notebook presentation; similar to what can be accomplished via PowerPoint?

  5. Shannon says:

    Thank you SOOOOO much for putting this site together! It has helped me a lot and I will be sharing it with co-workers who use SMART Board as well. Your time and effort is much appreciated!

    • avispector says:

      Thank you so much for the positive feedback! 🙂 It’s really awesome to see that I also have teachers outside of Quebec using it too!

  6. Sandy says:

    Thank you for the tutorial to download the product at home. Although my school district game me the link and product key they assumed that it would be super easy I guess. I was confused by which buttons to select and your step-by-step tutorial was PERFECT! Thank you!

  7. Lucie Gingras says:

    Bonjour Avi!
    Juste un petit mot pour te dire merci pour l’atelier “The Web 2.0 Enabled Classroom” à la conférence du LCEEQ. C’était plus qu’intéressant, c’était inspirant! Tes suggestions sont pratiques, et les liens avec la nouvelle taxonomie digitale de Bloom aident vraiment à faire comprendre le degré de complexité des tâches informatiques. Merci encore, et bravo pour ton excellent travail!

    • avispector says:

      Thanks Lucie! As per your suggestion, Alain and I are now thinking of tackling Digital Bloom’s as a blog post or even for each new ICT suggestion. Really appreciate your awesome feedback! 🙂

  8. Terry says:

    Thank you so much for this incredible website! I am a teacher and just got a smart board for my classroom. We had one training, but I had no idea that you could do all of this!!! You explain everything so clearly that even I (who am not too technically gifted) can understand it. You must be a superb teacher.
    Thank you again

  9. Meghan Ontario/ Canada says:

    This is an excellent website, I am learning so many things that will greatly help my students and I. I did have a question, I followed all the steps to convert a youtube file to be saved and opened in notebook, but when I open it in notebook nothing happens, the video comes up but won’t load, I just get a loading bar at the bottom and nothing ever plays, any suggestions? Thanks

    • avispector says:

      Hi Meghan,

      Sorry for the late reply. We’ve both been away on summer vacation! 🙂

      Which site did you use? Zamzar or Keepvid? I highly suggest the Keepvid site over Zamzar, generally less problems. Either way, if you did get a black screen – you could be having some trouble with Flash. I find the Mac a little more picky at times too. Did you try importing the video into another computer with SMART notebook? That would help us narrow down if it’s your computer or something wrong with the file. Please keep me posted and provide as many details as you can. Thanks for the feedback!

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