Announcement: Using the iPad in language and math FGA classrooms (Webinars for teachers: March 25th and 26th)

Quick overview: This school year, we’re seeing lots of iPads being deployed in our FGA centres. Are you curious what you can do with the iPad in YOUR classroom?

Why this approach? I know some of you live in remote areas, while some of you may not have much release time or have a travel budget to attend large workshops. As so, I’ve decided to experiment with a different formula called a “webinar”. The word “webinar” is a combination of the words “web” and “seminar”.  It’s pretty much a short lecture that is delivered over the web.

What are we covering? These webinars will only be 1 hour in length – short and to the point! The first webinar will be “FGA Language apps for the iPad” and the second webinar will be “FGA Math Apps for the iPad”. If you’d like to know more about what will be covered in each session, please click this webinar information PDF for more details. In a nutshell, these general webinars are intended to show you how the iPad is being used in actual FGA language and math classrooms and (hopefully!) spark some ideas on how you can adapt things for your students. If you like what you see, we can set up an appointment to plan something specefic for your own classroom.

What are we not covering? Even if you’ve never touched an iPad before, you should definitely still attend. That being said, these webinars are NOT intended to be a technical workshop of how to use an iPad. If that’s what you’re looking for, please let me know and I’ll set you up accordingly.

When are they? The RECIT Regional Service is planning on offering the language webinar on March 25th (12PM to 1PM) and the math webinar on March 26th (12PM to 1PM). The webinars are being offered over the lunch hour since there’s a greater chance that more teachers will be available.

What do you need? Are you a Quebec General Adult Education (FGA) teacher or administrator? If so, all you need to attend is a microphone, a computer, and an hour of time. It’s free too! As there are a limited number of spaces, you must confirm your attendance by filling out this on-line registration form. Please let me know if you have any questions. Happy spring break week!

Registration form: The mandatory registration form is available at this link.

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