ICT Tip: Zygote Body allows students to explore a 3D model of the human body

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Link: www.zygotebody.com

Quick overview: Formerly the Google Body project, Zygote Body is a free online tool that allows you or your students to interactively explore a full 3D model of a male or female human body. This tool really comes to life if you can use it in-class with an interactive whiteboard (i.e. – SMARTBoard) so that you or your students can touch the board to rotate, pan, and zoom around. The tool contains highly detailed models, yet the interface is shockingly easy to use. Free!

How does it work? Using the slider on the left side of the screen, you can pull back the different layers of the body see the skeletal layer, muscle tissues, nerves, etc.  If you’d like to focus on one body part, you can use the search function in the upper right hand corner to zero-in on specific body parts. Zygote body requires an up-to-date browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox to function properly. Lastly, as the site uses highly detailed 3D models, a modern computer will definitely help speed things up and run more smoothly.

Looking for something similar on mobile devices? I haven’t had a chance yet to test Pocket Body for the iPad and iPhone but I’ve heard lots of good things about it. Like Zygote Body, it also includes 360 degree rotations of the human body. You can check it out at this link.


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