ICT Tip: Stupeflix allows students to create a simple video montage

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Link: studio.stupeflix.com/education

Quick overview: Stupeflix allows students to easily combine images, text, and music to create a short video montage. No previous video editing experience needed.

How does it work? Students gather images and place them in the order they would like them to appear. Next, students add text captions to tell a story in relation to the images. Stupeflix then automatically generates a professional looking video montage. Here’s a simple example I created for the Blog.

How can this be used in the classroom? As an exercise on persuasive language, students could use Stupeflix to present their viewpoints in a format similar in format to a TV commercial. Before even touching a computer, students can be asked to brainstorm 8 to 12 images they felt would best get their point across. Images can be obtained from a digital camera or from copyright free source like Flickr Creative Commons. Alternatively, Stupeflix videos can be used by students to create a “hook” or introduction leading up to an oral presentation or PowerPoint. While Stupeflix doesn’t allow your students to record their own voice it can be used to help students develop writing and communication skills.  (Special thanks to Nancy Sher and her English class at CDC Vimont for trying this one out with me! )

Benefits and limitations: In the time between writing this article and publishing it, Stupeflix has changed from a free to a paid pricing model. As I only share free resources on the blog, I considered withholding this blog post. One factor that changed my mind is that Stupeflix just introduced Stupeflix for Students which is reasonably priced and worth looking into.

Video: To see a 1 minute video example of a Stupeflix video, please click the play button below:


3 Responses to ICT Tip: Stupeflix allows students to create a simple video montage

  1. jeffboudier says:

    Hi Avi, Jeff from Stupeflix here,

    Thanks for the nice write up! I hope you’ll enjoy using Stupeflix in the classroom.

    Please let me know if you have questions along the way. Also I have a small request, can you remove the “instructions” pdf at the end of the post? The free edu is for the good folks who took the time to signup to the beta, and also this document publishes to web crawlers my personal contact info, and – just as you – I already get enough spam as it is.



    • avispector says:

      Hi Jeff, sorry about that! Didn’t mean to cause a problem. I’ve removed the “instructions” at the end of the e-mail and also the PDF file from my web server. I’ll let you know if we have any questions.

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